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Monday, August 14, 2006

Systems Biology companies

Lately ive been hearing gripes that there are no bioinformatics/systems biology companies and that within industry the only jobs you can hope for are within a progressive big pharma company. Recently i read an interview with the CEO of GeneStruct Keith Ellison who talked about tools, strategies and companies driving systems biology. Here he mentions that this new paradigm of drug discovery follows any natural order, with early adopters, conservatives and larrards in the mix. He mentions alot of systems and pathway companies that are often overlooked when thinking about bioinformatics in industry. I recap them here:

Ariadne - software for pathway analysis and automated science text processing
Jubilant - curated databases and visualization of interactions
BG Medicine - formerly beyond genomics, predictive toxicology drug company
Predix Pharmaceuticals
Entelos -modeling through a mathmatics approach
Compugen -drug discovery through proteins and diagnostic marker pipeline
Optimata -improving drug testing schedules
Gene Logic-data driven drug development?
GenStruct - knowledge drive discovery

Hope you guys find this list interesting! Feel free to add more

Also at Bio-IT World is a listing of 50 top life science firms (biased toward those with a Pro-IT stance)


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Anonymous Paul said...

I'm sure there are more even, though it's hard to know how stable/transient they are. What about Novartis, right here in town? Further afield there's Physiome Sciences, where David Fell and Andrew Finney are, I think. There's TeraNode and Lion Bioscience (which is huge), and all the other LIMS providers that are trying to improve there offerings by expanding into bioinformatics. There's also Accelrys, which is sitting on 85mil in cash and is looking to make aquisitions that will bring them closer to systems modeling/bioinformatics. I don't think opportunity will be much of an issue for the next several years of graduates...

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Gene Network Sciences

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