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Monday, November 06, 2006

Science annual Life Science Salary Survey

In the report , they report an all around in increase in salaries this year compared to last(whether this is just becuase of some sampling bias is unclear, it seems odd to me that there was an increase of around 5% in salaries in just about every field they looked into). The mean salaried for academics rose to $78K and in industry to $116K. Postdoc salaries followed the same trend, with industry postdocs at $53K, government postdocs at $50K and academics at $38K.
What makes this report releveant to this blog is the report that the Median salary in bioinformatics was $65K in academics and $103 in industry, not bad but far behind pharmacology and toxicology which topped the list.


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The Scientist magazine just release their 2008 Life Science Salary Survey data. You can find it at

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