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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stuart Kim, Stanford
"Systems Biology of Aging"
Coexpression from a compendium of gene expression profiles. They use a comparative approach for orthologs in different organisms to monitor coexpression. Found a cluster in c. elegans that is regulated by aging. Which started his group on the search for the regulatory program of aging.

He views aging as a process of the deterioration of robust gene networks.
There are some animals that dont age: rockfish live <200 years
Use kidney as model for aging. Kidneys get worse with age.
Used kidneys from 74 donors at different ages. 400 diff exp genes
Screened these peoples histories for 18 diseases and found that diseases were not correlated with the changes in expression.
Gave the kidneys to nephrologists to see if expression correlated with kidney age, found that the how a kidney looked was correlated with expression intensities.
then looked as age regulated genes in muscle and brain.
find that single genes arent diff exp in these three but pathways are using gene set enrichment analysis.

He hints at a master regulator of aging in worms. Do you think this is possible? He says theyve found a motif in worms that they are investigating. In all id say this was the most thought provoking talk so far even if it wasnt backed up with concrete/well formed data.


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