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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Robert Waterston, University of Washington
"Automated Gene Expression Profiling in C. elegans with Continuous Single Cell Resolution"
There are exactly 959 cells in an embyro in c. elegans. Theres a complete lineage (the path of how they divided and came to be) of cells by Sulston et al 1983. They did GFP tag of the nuclei to monitor the lineage of each cell using microscopy. Software automatically tracks the lineage of each cell.
The goal is to use this to monitor gene expression of labeled genes during development on a cell-by-cell basis.
Using RNAi they can monitor the changes in worm development via division and also reporter gene expression. I would say they are doing some pretty cool stuff, but this was mostly a work in progress talk since the method isnt fine tuned yet.


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